Bikerowave's new library – donate a book!

Bikerowave has a new library.  We took all our non-repair books, and stuck ’em between two book ends in our lounge area.

Bikerowave's new library

Bikerowave's new library, photo by Steve Mattson

Would you be willing to donate a book to our library?  Some of the book’s are directly related to cycling – John Forester’s Effective Cycling for  instance.  But some are only tangentially connected, such as the Monkey Wrench Gang by Edward Abbey, and some are connected to orgs like Bikerowave, but not cycling, such as Building Powerful Community Organizations by Michael Jacoby Brown.
We would love a donation of one or two books (but not a million – we get easily overwhelmed.)

One comment on “Bikerowave's new library – donate a book!
  1. dr plurabelle says:

    A library, yeah, but what about a bookplate? Stay Calm and Carry on: Help is at hand: . Concorso Internazionale “Ex Libris Bibliotheca di Bodio Lomnago” – A catalogue of an international exhibition among designers of bookplates – and this one is all about bookplates with bicycle motives. Real super stuff, sweet and occasionally transscendental ! Brought to you from Varese (Italy), with some related material. Like: Bicycle Stamps: Bikes and Cycling on the World’s Postage Stamps. And for desert, why not, the original Crap Cycle Lanes. 50 Worst Cycle Lanes in Britain/b> published by the Warrington Cycle Campaign. Enjoy!

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