Wishlist: Coffee maker!

Photo by Alex-S - visit his Flickr stream

Photo by Alex-S - visit his Flickr stream

Bikerowave’s lounge is coming along.  We have two couches, two tables, a library, some shag carpet, and a TV w/ build in DVD player.  Score!
NEED CAFFEINE.  Specifically, we need coffee.  If you’ve got a coffee maker – low end, gets the job done – or a full service espresso cart with volunteer staff that you could give us, it would be greatly appreciated.  Just bring it by Bikerowave and leave it in the lounge.  Future generations of bikers thank you.
Imagining a shop full of bikers on a rainy Saturday in LA, brewing up some coffee, makes me all wistful.

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  1. katiepoche says:

    Damn … I need to visit this website more often. Did you get a coffee machine already? If you haven’t, I can hustle something up.
    I recommend a French Press. They’re easy to use, they don’t use electricity, & you don’t need to keep buying filters. Trynna keep the ongoing costs low, yo.

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