Mar Vista Goes Green, Oct 3rd + Bikerowave = Valet Service!

We are all excited over here at our new home in Mar Vista.  They even have free WiFi; I mean, who does that?  We’ve been welcomed–like a long lost child–to the community here and we were honored to be invited to the Mar Vista Goes Green event coming up on October 3rd.  We thought it might be time to try doing some bike valet work.  Yes!  Our goal:  an ongoing outreach and valet service at the Sunday Mar Vista Farmer’s Market. Which is, in our collective opinion, one of the best Farmer’s Markets in LA.  There is really great food, organic produce, and you even run into your LA City Counsel District 11 representative, Bill Rosendahl and hand him your neighborhood petition or action-adventure script you’ve been revising.  He even wandered into our shop after we met a couple weeks ago.  How cool is that.  Get your family on those bikes for this event.  Park them with us and enjoy the stilt walkers!

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