REI Manhattan Beach & REI Santa Monica Bike Corral This Weekend 5/28-29

This coming weekend, May 28 at the Manhattan Beach REI and May 29 at the Santa Monica REI there will be a Bike Corral.  What’s a Bike Corral?  That’s where you donate your unused/salvageable bikes, bike components and tools to the Bikerowave and LACBC’s Bike Wrangler.
By donating your bicycles, bike parts and tools to us, you are supporting a county wide health program (RENEW LAC or Renewing Environments for Nutrition, Exercise and Wellness in LosAngeles County grant) where the bikes are distributed to underserved communities, we teach the recipients how to keep them running and CICLE teaches them how to ride safely on our streets.  Your bike is put to incredibly good use!
But wait, there’s more!  You are entered into raffles at either REI shops for free treasure, and you can register for the LA River Ride while you’re dropping off that unused bike!