Bikerowave lends a hand at A Place Called Home tire clinic

Originally posted on Bikeside.

As part of C.I.C.L.E.’s Community Workshops, Bikerowave volunteers stopped by A Place Called Home to demonstrate how a tire change is done proper.
Thus, a sunny Sunday morning, a group of Bikerowave volunteers sailed across town in cars and on bikes to do what they do best: pass on wrenching skills. En route, we were pleasantly surprised by the buttery smoothness of the newly-striped Expo bike lane. Pavement quality was considerably better Eastbound compared to Westbound. Just as the LA Eco Village post warns, the intersection at Rodeo needs improvement, crossing over those train tracks was a bit tense.

Bikerowavers:  Karl, Enzo, JDF, JB, Joe and Molly

Bikerowavers: Karl, Enzo, JDF, JB, Joe and Molly

At APCH, folks of all ages brought in various velocipedes. After a quick primer on from JB, those attending broke up into small groups and worked on patching their own sabotaged tubes. They picked up on our tips and tricks quickly, and some were already confidently passing on the information to their peers by the end of the workshop.
Parked along Expo Community Garden fence

Parked along Expo Community Garden fence

The tire clinic was followed by a Ciclavia South LA Exploration Ride, yet another test of the proposed future Ciclavia route. We had a chance to tour the Community Garden at Expo Park.