Beach Party This Sunday!

Beach Bike
Announcing the First BRW Summer Beach Party!
Do you like the BRW? Are you a BRW member, volunteer, cool person, forum lurker, pro bike racer, tadpole breeder, PhD math nerd? Are you looking for a way to get out of the Women and Mathematics EMS Conference? Oh, really, well, why don’t you read on and see what you signed up for back in December when you got really drunk and woke up in a bath tub in Mexico with a strange scar on your side…
What: Beach Party Potluck! yeah!
Why: Because you’re awesome, the BRW is awesome, the combination of the two is awesome, and you love math jokes (and strange forum admins)!!!
Theme: Math Jokes?! (are you serious? Yes… We’re serious!)
Meet at Bikerowave at 11am on Sunday July 13th for a quick group rike bide out to Venice beach and then some fun in the summer sun, We live in LA people! A pop-up tent and fun times will be provided, but it’s up to you to bring yourself and a beach friendly potluck item!!!

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