An Attainable Resolution for the New Year

You’ve tried all the other New Years resolutions before I’m sure. Exercising, dieting, quitting caffeine, not eating frosting straight out of the can. I can relate.
Why not take a different path this year, and one that doesn’t take such a full life commitment. One that will not only empower you to be better at something you are interested in, but also help other people, as well as your community?
Volunteering at Bikerowave is super fulfilling. You not only learn about fixing and maintaining bikes, you also get to help people keep their bikes on the road, and get more involved with the west side cycling scene. Also, if you ride your bike here, you’ll get some of that exercise you committed to. 😀
Even if you don’t know a top tube from a bottom bracket, you’ll learn about it, and then pass that knowledge on to someone else. Bicycle Folklore if you will.
I promise, it’s worth your while.
All you have to do is come in to the shop Monday-Thursday at 6:30pm (maybe even a few minutes early) and introduce yourself to the Head Mechanic. They will give you a short Orientation and all the details. More info on our Get Involved page.
We are really looking forward to meeting you!

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