Why Volunteer?

1. You’ll learn how to maintain your own bicycle or build a used one here.
2. You’ll get to meet all different types of people in various cycling communities and make lasting friendships.
3. You’ll learn about cycling safety, commuting, touring, gear, tools, parts, and more!
4. You’ll apply and retain the skills you’ve learned by teaching others and by building bikes from donated parts to support the shop.
5. It’s a cooperative, volunteer-run, not-for-profit organization! (It only takes 12 volunteer hours each month to get free stand time and become a voting member.)
6. You’ll have opportunities to go on camping trips and group rides: Over 15 volunteers will ride almost 37 miles to Sycamore Canyon for an overnight trip today!
7. You’ll learn lots of other DIY stuff like how to silkscreen and how to make an ultra-light penny alcohol backpacker stove!
8. It is a supportive, fun, safe, and enriching environment.
9. You’ll get discounts on new and used parts.
How do you become one of us? It’s easier than patching a flat! Just stop in during any of our regular business hours and say, I’d like to volunteer!
We’ll set you up right then and there, no experience required, but we do welcome seasoned mechanics and bike enthusiasts too!
You can even download and print your membership application by clicking here.

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