Whaddaya Mean, Unlimited???

dollarAre you interested in wrenching on your bike more often?
Do you want to save money while wrenching, and become more engaged in Los Angeles bike culture at the same time?
We want to let you know that we have dropped the price of our Annual Unlimited Pass almost 35% from $150 to just $100 ($80 with current Student ID)
That means you can come in and wrench any time we are open, and not pay for stand time and tool usage. (New and Used Parts are still charged)
Just imagine, you could use your new Annual Unlimited Pass to:

  • Keep your bike meticulously maintained!
  • Intricately learn more about the mechanics of your bike!
  • Rebuild a classic you found on the Craigslist!
  • Score cool points with your friends!

Next time you are getting ringed up at the register at Bikerowave, be sure to ask about it!

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