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Howdy!  We're the Bikerowave, a DIY bicycle shop...
The Bikerowave got a rare opportunity to participate with one of the big players in the outdoor sports world, REI of Manhattan Beach.  They had a “Bike Corral” this last weekend, where customers who donated their usable and salvageable bikes to the Bikerowave would receive coupons for $10 off and 15% off for any one item in the store; a coupons-for-clunkers, if you will.  Over the two day event, we received 35 bikes.  We hauled them back to the shop, checked them out, put some air in the tires, made some adjustments–and voila–we’ve got some great used bikes for you–many have already gone out the door!   Other bikes still need a little TLC, elbow grease and quality time with some of our shadow mechanics to get them up and running as well.  
I want to thank all those who participated on our end by volunteering their time, their vans and trucks (or their employer’s van).  I want to thank Kwang Paik, one of our board members, a head mechanic and an employee at REI who helped make all this happen.
And–I really want to express my gratitude on behalf of the Bikerowave to all those at REI Manhattan Beach.  Scott, Niko and Hartley who did the vast majority of the promoting/PR thru their database, got us in the Daily Breeze, set up the pop-ups and had to wear my collection of cowboy hats and say “howdy!” to the visiting customers (actually; I think Scott got into it).   We hope to do it again, thanks y’all!

That's a nice looking Bianchi Europa...

That's a nice looking Bianchi Europa...

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