Break the Cycle Fundraiser/Pop-Up Trivia this Friday!

Hosted by your friendly neighborhood Bikerowave on Friday Feb 7th at 9pm

Come join the fun at pop-up trivia night!  Proceeds from the event will benefit Break the Cycle, an organization that provides preventative dating and domestic violence education and outreach to teens and young adults. More info can be found at
There is a suggested donation to Break the Cycle of $3 (or $2 if you arrive like a boss via bike!), and food will be available for additional donations.

Feel Free to RSVP on Facebook!

Format & Rules (

This is a 4-round game. The first, second, and fourth rounds are ten questions each, some with extra credit questions attached. Points will only be given for correct extra credit answers if the original question is also answered correctly. For questions with two extra credit questions attached, both the original question and first extra credit must be answered correctly to receive points for the second extra credit.
The third round is a picture round, with up to twenty images of people, places, objects, etc. Teams must try to identify the subject of each picture.
Teams are given the option to Joker the first, second, or fourth round by circling the jester icon on their answer sheet. This will give the team double the points earned on the round (excluding extra credit, which will not double). No points will be lost for incorrect answers on a Joker round. A team may only Joker one round per game, so choose wisely!
1. NO CHEATING! This means NO PHONES DURING PLAY. Feel free to text, call, surf the web, etc. during breaks between rounds. FIVE POINTS WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE DEDUCTED FOR ANY TEAM WITH A MEMBER USING A PHONE DURING PLAY. No arguing, no excuses. Phone out, lose five points.
2. No shouting out answers.
3. Teams can be up to six players. Teams over six players will be allowed but will receive a two point penalty for each extra player.
4. This is pop-up trivia, meaning it will sometimes take place in private residences. Please be respectful of your surroundings. Don’t trash anything, don’t steal anything. The game can only survive if players are respectful towards their hosts.
Have fun, and invite your friends!