June Classes

Classes for June are back!  This month we have three awesome offerings from our magnanimous and engaging volunteers to titillate your knowledge center and excite your learning faculties.
Lindsey has returned and has found time in her busy schedule to impart her knowledge of cycle commuting to the general public.  If you are thinking of riding your bike around the block, to the grocery store, or 13 miles to work and back you need this class.  If you don’t know a door zone from a Dorito bag then this is the one for you.
JB, vegan, occasional wearer of mustaches, and recent fixie-to-geared-bike-convert will impart his soap making knowledge to the universe.  It has nothing to do with riding bikes but everything to do with getting clean afterwards.  Who wants a bunch of weird industrial chemicals in their soap?  Not me.  JB will tell you how to do it using natural substances and you will have a blast doing it.   Attend this class and you can proudly write “tested on humans” on your own private brand of suds.  Bring a suggested donation of $5 and walk away with some soap of your own.
Peter will be back this month with a cool class.  Ever glanced disgustedly at that beat and rusty mountain bike sitting in your side yard?  It seemed like such a great idea in the 90’s, an all terrain bike that gave you the freedom to be unrestrained by roads, man.  Well put that neon colored contraption to work for you in the 21st century.  Peter will teach you the in’s and outs of converting it in to a really boss utility bike.  Come listen to him discuss all things useless-to-useful and learn about smooth tires, Xtracycles, mirrors, and why every bike needs a water bottle cage.
All classes are on Sunday and start at 4pm. RSVP at bikerowaveclasses (AT) gmail (DOT) com with the date of the class in the subject line to make things easy for us.  You can also email that address if you want to be notified about future classes.

10th: Lindsey, Commuting class.
17th: JB, Soap making! ($5 suggested materials fee, everyone leaves with something).
24th: Peter, turn your old mountain bike in to a “new” utility bike.