July Classes

This July Bikerowave is pleased to present two offerings from the fertile minds of our fantastic volunteership.
First we have Raina, United Bicycle Institute graduate, tall bike builder, and dog owner who will teach us a class she refers to Measurement and Lubrication.  No it’s not what you think it’s far more exciting; she will clear up the mysteries of when to you use grease, Loctite, or anti-seize lubricant when assembling various parts of your bicycle.  If you put grease on the exterior part of your square taper spindle or loctite in your loose ball hubs it sounds like you need to take this class.  If the previous sentence sounded like French to you and you are an aspiring bike tinkerer you also need to take this class!
Next we have veteran instructor Mike teaching our ever popular Introduction to Maintaining Your Bike.  You should skip this class if you enjoy being stranded by the side of the road with flats, having a drive-train that sounds like a German tank, and want to continue thinking that a “barrel adjuster” is something you ride over the Niagara Falls.
All classes are free but, small donations are welcome and, home made cookies are appreciated by the instructors.  All classes are on Sunday at 4pm sharp.
Sunday, July 8:  Measurement and Lubrication, with Raina (man that sounds wrong, sorry kids)
Sunday, July 22:  Introduction to Maintaining  Your Bike, with Mike
Please RSVP to bikerowaveclasses@gmail.com with the date you would like to attend in the subject line.
If you want to hear about future classes, please say so in an email to the above address.