Flash Fiction Featuring the BikeRoWave

I wish this was fiction.  It’s not.  What it is, is total suck.
The security guard came by and told us that two suspicious looking guys just walked off w/ a bike and put it in a white van. We all ran outside and I immediately noticed my Lemond was gone. I had my truck tonight because I was dropping off bikes and the park stand; I jumped in it and quickly took off in the direction that the security guard pointed.. I saw them turn down a side street and the chase began. It was white mid 90s Chevy Astro van w/ no windows. The license plate was blacked out and i didn’t have time to grab my phone so no luck there. I chased them for a while through the residential neighborhoods. It was pretty easy to catch up to them but they ran every intersection and i wasn’t really willing to go there so I just followed as best as i could. finally, we ended up on Olympic and they started blowing red lights and turning right in front of other cars. At this point i decided it wasn’t worth it and gave up. The high speed chase was kind of fun but I was looking forward to revenge if i caught them. anyways be careful when leaving your bike outside at BRW and keep a lookout for a blue/silver Lemond w/ 4ti egg beater pedals that were worth more than the whole bike.
If you are capable of contributing to this story in such a way that it results in a happy ending then go here and provide any and all information in this already open discussion.
This story is a cautionary tale not unlike Refer Madness.  It is a reminder that although bike culture has grown in Los Angeles, bike thievery still exists.  Its reaches are far–presenting itself even at your nearest community bicycle wrenching co-op.  BikeRoWave is taking extra precautions so that this sort of thing doesn’t happen again.  However, please take the same precautions and make sure your bike is secure when it is out of your own eyesight; it’s not hard and it doesn’t require a MasterKryptoTiHandcuffMessengerDuraStrongRoboClubViperJimmyJamU-CablePUNNISHER.  Check out Sheldon’s lock philosophy.

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