Bike Shift Lever for Anybody, by Anybody

One of the main things we do, and a huge part of our mission here at Bikerowave, is getting broken bikes back on the road. More often than not, that involves parts, and one of the main parts that breaks and/or goes bad is the shifter.
Many bikes that come into the shop have overly complex and unrepairable shift levers, and often it is annoying and difficult to find new (or used) ones that work, for a reasonable price.
This kickstarter campaign came across our membership recently, and while we are not explicitly endorsing it as an organization, it’s a great idea we would like to see it succeed in it’s mission: to get a strong, simple, repairable shift lever into the hands of people who need it and more bikes back on the road.
The video is short and sweet, so consider checking it out and see if it interests you too.