Bike Bits Galore (27" wheels and more)

Thank you LA Brakeless for your generous donation of used wheels and various bike bits.  For the past year LAB has converted old road bikes to singlespeed/fixed gear tark bikes. Today they graciously agreed to hoard the discarded components no longer.  Bikerowave’s GM and gleaner extraordinaire picked up the urban ore this morning and hauled it back on his mule from Mar Vista to Santa Monica.
If you’ve been looking for some 27” rims because you just don’t wanna fork over the dough for some looooonnnggg reach Tektro brakes, come on down to bikerowave and pick up a set.
Pictured above is a great set of ALESA 27” Aluminum wheels (made in Belgium).  The front has a decent Kenda tire on it and the rear already has a bottom bracket lock-ring threaded onto the freewheel threads (one step closer to that suicide hub out on which we will not let you ride).
There’s a beige rattle-canned Schwinn road frame of unknown model type longing for a build-up; cable guides have been removed making it ideal for any number of projects—from a fixed build to freak bike.
If anyone is in need of a front track wheel, we have a black Weinmann (bolt-on axle), and it is pictured here:
Bounce on down to the Bikerowave and barter on our bounty of bike bits.
Need a campy or DA crankset for an older go-fast road bike…
…170mm above and 175mm below…
DA crankset
Come in right now and one of our head mechanics will start slashing prices crazier than Joel the Mattress King on Pico Blvd.

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