"Basics of Cycling" class on Sun Oct. 28th, 4 PM

Tired of being stuck in traffic, polluting the environment, and shelling out all that cash for gas? Explore cycling as a means of alternative transportation in this class that will cover riding techniques and basic mechanics for confident city cycling whether you are touring, commuting in traffic, or taking a weekend to the beach. We’ll have 90 minutes of class instruction and then an hour of on-the-road training in safe cycling skills. Bring your bike for this segment of the class if you’re ready to learn about your rights as a cyclist, lane and intersection positioning, and how to be safe and super cool on the open road. The class is free of charge, though donations of baked goods are never rejected.
Where: the Bikerowave, 12255 Venice Boulevard
When: Sunday October 28th, @ 4 PM

JB & Lindsey at one of our soap-making clinics.

Lindsey is an avid cycle tourist and soon-to-be-certified League of American Bicyclists instructor. J.B. is a resident of L.A.’s Westside who’s been volunteering at the Bikerowave since 2008 and is head mechanic at Bikerowave on Saturdays from 11-2.
Please RSVP to bikerowaveclasses (AT) gmail (dot com) if you’d like to attend. We’d love to see you there.