April Classes

April 2012 Bikerowave classes!
Bikerowave is back with another thrilling round of pedagogical offerings for the month of April 2012!
Lindsey, Bikerowave’s resident city riding expert will be back for a second serving of her well-researched and exciting “How to ride your bike to work, or anywhere for that matter” class.  She will discuss all things commuter: hauling, traffic navigation, gear, and apparel for riding in this wild city of cars.  We got a lot of positive feedback from this one, so sign up early and don’t miss out!
Mike is going to reveal the magic secrets of flat repair, from how to operate tire levers (spoons to you old timers), to how to patch a tube, and why the pneumatic tire was the biggest innovation in transportation since the wheel itself.
This month we are pleased to offer our first ever derailleur clinic.  Maxwell, Bikerowave’s mountain-biker extraordinaire will unveil the dark mysteries of the hangy thing that sits next to your wheel.  Bring your bike and be prepared for an exciting 90 minutes of limit-screw turning and barrel-adjuster spinning.
City riding with Lindsey:  Sunday, April 8th, 3:00pm
Flat repair with Mike: Sunday, April 22 (earth day), 3:00pm
Derailleur clinic with Maxwell: Sunday, April 29, 3:00pm
RSVP to bikerowaveclasses <AT> gmail <DOT> com with the date you would like to attend in the subject line (the bar below the address line).
If you would like to be notified about future classes contact us at the same address.