Another Stolen Bike.

My friend Daisy just walked home from Hollywood after she discovered her bike had been stolen in front of her bank.  The theft is even on camera.  Guy comes up, circles around the bikes at the rack, calls someone on his cell, stoops down, cuts the cable lock with something and rides it away, leaving his bike behind–all in less than the 5 minute visit to the bank.  A report was filed with the police, they have a visual ID of the thief and a fingerprint covered bike he left.
This is really sad, because the owner and the builder of the bike are both good friends.  This was Eric Zimmerman’s 4th frame after the one he built for me.  
This is my current little story of a theft–there are many here at the Bikerowave every night.  Several members have lost their bikes and we hate to see this happen–and we don’t want this to continue and we hate to see it happen to you.  Lock your bike with a high-quality U-lock (Like: Kryptonite, OnGuard or Abus). No cable lock.  They don’t work.  Thieves cut right through them.  And this is serious, it seems bike theft is on the rise in town and we’d like it to stop.  


Here’s the bike in question.  If you see it on the streets, let us know where.  Thank you.

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