A Night At Bikerowave: Toms Shoes Parties

What is Bikerowave?  A bike repair collective where you can learn to fix your bike on the cheap?  It’s more than that – it’s a community space where cycling culture is born, remixed and renewed.  Especially on a night like Thursday, where we had six volunteers, half as many customers, and 100 people partying with Toms Shoes in our shared alley.Toms Shoes, a shoe company who donates one pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair they sell, is one of our favorite neighbors.  It’s not just that they do good things, but also that they’re cool cats.  This Thursday they screened a surfing movie to a hip crowd of 100, or perhaps more.  Since we were overstaffed, we decided to hang out a bit, as Toms graciously invited us to jump into the fun.

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