The Bikerowave is a Not-for-Profit DIY bike cooperative.  We are not a non-profit 501c3, so we are not a tax-deductible charity.  Just wanted to be upfront about that. 🙂
We greatly appreciate contributions from you. Here’s what we always need:

  • Serviceable bikes, frames, parts, and accessories*
  • Financial contributions. Cash, Check, Credit/Debit or PayPal via our email: retail (at) bikerowave (dot) org
  • Tools! Bicycle specific, mechanic’s, tool chests and cabinets
  • Fire-proof chemical storage cabinet.
  • Cleaning supplies– Old toothbrushes, small paint brushes, pipe cleaners,
  • Toiletries– Toilet tissue, paper towels, hand cleaners and scrub brushes and sponges
  • Zip-ties– all shapes and sizes!
  • Tape! Electrical, gaffers, masking, etc.
  • Lubes, degreasers and solvents* (mechanical related)
  • Our wish list includes: a quality drill press or vertical mill, a horizontal mill, 8″ grinding wheel, and of course, my personal favorite tool on earth: the Phil Wood Spoke Cutter. (We’d gladly settle for a Morizumi or Cyclus version of this gizmo.)  I wouldn’t argue with this coming in our door either.  I could go on.
  • Please do not donate old bicycle helmets. They aren’t really safe and we will just throw them out.

Our member training program relies on used bikes which we use to train our apprentice mechanics, expanding their skills.  We need parts, tools and shop supplies to repair bikes.  Most gifted bikes get recycled back into the community at very low prices or are given to our membership who are in need of basic transportation–earning these bikes by learning to fix them.  Tools can help us expand our outreach and assist us in helping other fledgling DIY bike shops spring up throughout the city.  You can help us immensely in our efforts to return more safe running bikes to our streets and increase ridership; as that is our mission.
*We appreciate that you understand we cannot be a dumping ground for unsafe and unusable bikes, toxic waste and generally broken items.  Although we are grateful for the sentiment, we have just as much of a challenge as any organization or individual in finding ways to recycle our waste material and scrap metal and aluminum.  It’s always best to drop things off during business hours (Which you can see for yourself just to the left in the margin or here.).  If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call during our business hours (over there, to the left again) or email us

And thank you, from the bottom of our bottom brackets!
The Bikerowave also wanted you to know about this worthy destination for your unwanted (usable) cycling clothing:
Tax Write-Off! Donate your unwanted (new or used) cycling apparel to AIDS/LifeCycle. Your donation will contribute to the fight against HIV/AIDS. You can send your stuff to:

Attn: Gear Swap
1125 N. McAdden #202
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Questions? Call the ALC offices at 323.860.7380.

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