Bikerowave is having a SWAP MEET with SWRVE this Sunday, May 8, 9 am til 3 pm


We love doing swap meets.  We get to buy some great bits and you get to buy some great bits.  Win/Win.  We’d like to keep this event open to folks selling stuff that is bicycle and bicycle touring related, plus handcrafted items–so I can see how some lightweight camping gear, bicycle shaped soap, bike themed t-shirts would possibly be in the mix.

And, there’s more:  SWRVE, our favorite maker of fine urban cycling apparel will be setting up with a truck load of their clothing that they will be offering at deep discounts!   Check them out:

This Sunday, May 8th from 9 am til 3 pm.

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  1. […] bike count. The West Hollywood Bicycle Task Force meets this Wednesday at 6:30 pm. Bikerowave is hosting a bike swap meet this Sunday. Source readers overwhelmingly approve of removing bike restrictions on Metro trains. […]

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