The Bikerowave 3.0 We have moved. 12255 Venice Blvd 90066



We did all the work this last weekend to get the old Bikerowave (2.0) out of the tiny alley-off-an-alley location and moved over to the new 12255 Venice Blvd location.  The crews worked all day Saturday and Sunday to get the OCD hoarders wonderland we had on Berkeley, into something of a usable space for Monday’s grand opening BikeroDisco(ball) event.  So, get out your iPhone and plot your course.  Check the interweb and note our hours of operation as well–we trust you’ll figure it all out on your own.


photo by Alex Thompson

photo by Alex Thompson



Feel the allure of the flickering candlelight out front.  Marvel over our very own bathroom too. We got the space, we got pole dancing next door on Monday nights!  You can’t beat that.  Just don’t beat the wall we share with Good Hurt (insider joke/issue at 3.0)…

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Location and Info
310-230-5236 (business hours only)
Monday - Thursday: 6:30pm-10pm
Friday: Closed (Volunteers only)
Saturday: 11am-5pm
Sunday: 12pm-3pm
,🎃🎃🎃 Tonight! Come on down, bring your sharpest knife! 🎃🎃🎃 Open to everybody! Come meet volunteers, and learn how to get involved! Can Gav get this Fuji to shift properly? The suspense! Is your bike shifting smoothly? Learn how to tune up your gears and more at Bikerowave! #bikela #lacyclists #losangelesbikescene #veniceblvd #marvista Pumping carving and movie night potluck  open to all 18+! October 21, 7 to 10pm at #bikerowave. Please join us for this fun night! #bikela #losangelesbikescene #cyclingla #marvista #ridejahbike
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