ALC Team Midnight Ridazz Fundraiser – All City Bike Wash

All City Bike Wash

On Saturday March 22nd, Bikerowave will be hosting a fundraiser put on by 2008 AIDS Life Cycle riders Team Midnight Ridazz. From 1pm to 4pm, Midnight Ridazz team members will be there to bathe your dirty bikes. Come on out to have a great time, get your bike cleaned and support the team as they prepare to make the long trek from San Francisco to Los Angeles for AIDS Life Cycle. Bring some friends and bring your bike!

This benefit is also happening (simultaneously!) at Bike Oven in Northeast Los Angeles.

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2 comments on “ALC Team Midnight Ridazz Fundraiser – All City Bike Wash
  1. Jack says:


    and readers, LetΒ’s DIGG this Blog post so we can get more blog posts FAST!! Good stuff….

  2. […] [The text for this post was totally copied and pasted from this post on Westsidebikeside.] […]

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Location and Info
310-230-5236 (business hours only)
Monday - Thursday: 6:30pm-10pm
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