Bikerowave is back to full bench vise capacity

For all you bench vise aficionados out there, the shop now has a made-in-America Wilton C-1 Vise. Our hope is that this brute will provide for many years of stout workpiece-holding. (The vise, not Enzo. Enzo is a deeply sensitive man.)

Shortening a 6mm bolt to size.


80 pounds of torpedo-shaped hold.

And… we have some shop improvements that make the Bikerowave even more organized, make us happier because we can find tools and parts faster, make it that much easier to help you, and generally transform the shop into a place you’ll never want to leave. (You’ve been warned.)


Our new small parts shelf. Cotter pins, axles, P-clamps. What more could you want?


New pegboard. Locking pin spanner anyone?


Don’t forget about our June classes, starting with Lindsay and her commuting class this Sunday the 10th at 4 PM.

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310-230-5236 (business hours only)
Monday - Thursday: 6:30pm-10pm
Friday: Closed (Volunteers only)
Saturday: 11am-5pm
Sunday: 12pm-3pm
We're so excited that Jenni, founder and director of @ldnbikekitchen, is going to be at Bikerowave next Friday, Dec. 22, to talk bikes and specifically women on bikes. She will also be around to sign copies of her book, How to Build a Bike. Please join us at 7 pm for this free event, open to the public! 📷Erika Raxworthy from How to Build a Bike. @sustainablecycles got #99problems but a bitch ain't one Join us for our annual holiday party, this time featuring karaoke! All are welcome - this is a great time to learn more about bikerowave and hire you can get involved, or just meet some bike ppl on the Westside! Come and join the fun Dec 8. Weeknights at Bikerowave - learn how to fix up your bike! Monday to Thursday 6:30 to 10. Saturdays 11 to 5, Sundays 12 to 3!
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