The Swap Meet was a huge success. Thanks!


This last Sunday, despite threat of rain and what seemed like the coldest day in LA ever (to me, anyway) the Bikerowave held it’s first ever Bike Swap Meet.  I’d estimate about 250 people came by and checked-out some really cool bits and pieces and complete bikes being sold by locals and cross-town bikeophiles alike.  Speaking for myself, I did quite well for the efforts and actually sold more than I bought.  I suspect we’ll be doing more of these, at least off in the early Spring.

Thank you everyone who participated by selling and shopping.  Thank you Lucas for planting the seed and thank you Steven for making sure the coffee was there and the donuts were fresh.  Oh, and who was the mystery girl who patiently unknotted her giant ball of yarn the whole time?  Jason?

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2 comments on “The Swap Meet was a huge success. Thanks!
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