The Bikerowave Move Is For Real.

We’re moving.  At last.  August 3rd will be our first operational night at our new store front.  We’re moving to 12255 Venice Boulevard in Mar Vista. The weekend of August 1st and 2nd, we will be packing up and hauling–by bike and at least one van–all our bits and trinkets to the new shop.  It shall be a grand exodus and you are welcome to come help out, cuz moving is such good times.


And, to help track-stand start our intro to the new ‘hood, LABrakeless had  an Art-Bike gallery in our space Saturday, July 25th.  There were DJ’s, PBR on tap, and some sick fixies hand painted by some well known local graffiti artists all on display in the Bikerowave 3.0.  Y’all came by and saw us, right?



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One comment on “The Bikerowave Move Is For Real.
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