Sunday 12/14: Clean up Bikerowave! Noon!

mEssy MeSS

Bikerowave is dirty, real dirty.  And not just like the Aristocrats – like messy and greasy and cluttered.  Please come help the Bikerowave volunteers clean up Bikerowave.  Everyone is welcome.  This Sunday, 12/14, at Noon till late afternoon.  Get dirty getting clean!

All double entendres intended!

(P.S. – we will not be working on bikes during the clean up, because that’s totally like what got Bikerowave so dirty in the first place.)
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One comment on “Sunday 12/14: Clean up Bikerowave! Noon!
  1. Gern says:

    The POS is moving out from the office, to the Store Floor by the front door. Slat walls & display cases will be installed as well! Bring yourself, and your feng shui!!

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